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Some videos from the 2015 World Championships in Russia.
Please view these videos and look at what the swimmers have/do in common as those are the traits that most people can adopt. Most swimmers do something that works for them but maybe not for everybody.

Here are some Backstroke videos from different championships to watch:

2012 Olympics 100m Backstroke
Watch when they are done with their stroke and rotation, it is almost so that the rotation starts before the hand comes up out of the water. That is not what is happening, they finish the stroke and starts the rotation and recovery at the same time. Also look at the under water kicking (they kick in both directions, kicking both up and down). Look at the hand entry and how early/quickly they start the next stroke and how they do the pull. There are just a few seconds of each segment so there might be good to watch the video several times. The swimming starts around 3:30 min mark.

2009 World Championships: 200m back men
I think the swimmer in lane 5 from Japan has the best stroke mechanics.

2009 World Championships: 200m back women
Swimming starts around 3:15

2009 World Championships: 200m back women
Swimming starts around 3:30

Backstroke start by Gary Hall Sr.
(this is one way of doing the start, but there are variations of this start - Watch the other Videos):

2014 Pan-Pac 200m Back men 
During the under water filming watch Ryan Murphy to the left (I like that stroke).

2014 Pan-Pac 200m Back women 
Some good underwater filming.

2014 Pan-Pac 100m Back women 
Some good underwater filming, and it includes the fastest female backstroker over the last two years, Emily Seebohm

2014 Pan-Pac 100m Back men 
Some good underwater filming.

Backstroke by Ryan Lochte, to bring the hand by the hip up as late as Ryan does you have to rotate a lot, as well as being strong and flexible. This might not work for everybody, but still look to see how long his pull is and when the rotation takes place.

Backstroke turn by Ryan Lochte
Do not look to much forward. Also see where his feet hits the wall, in front/above the body.

Even in the 50m back the timing is the same (more and faster kicks):

Backstroke videos

This page will contain different videos related to Backstroke. These videos serve the purpose of demonstrating the mechanics that seems to be the most efficient and fastest at this point. In most of the videos it will look like the swimmers swim quite differently but it is what the swimmers have in common that we will look at.

For each video we will try to post notes and comments and try to point out the swimmer or swimmers that we think best demonstrate the main points for that stroke. It will also be a noticeable difference in the appearance of each stroke depending on the distance, but it is the main points that we will try to identify or point out.